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Anthropologie bei Ben Sira im Zusammenspiel von נפש ,לב und יצר

Posted on Samstag 23 Januar 2021 at 12:36 by Franz Böhmisch

Im Jahr 2020 wurde mein Vortrag auf einer Tagung 2017 gedruckt:

Franz Böhmisch, Anthropologie bei Ben Sira im Zusammenspiel von נפש ,לב und יצר, in: Bonifatia Gesche, Christian Lustig, Gabriel Rabo (Hrsg.), Theology and Anthropology in the Book of Sirach, herausgegeben (SBL, Septuagint and cognate studies 73), Atlanta 2020, 37-55

Abstract: In Ben Sira's anthropologiy, נפש and לב form the center of dynamics and the center of a person's orientation. Each of them must be realized in its intirety (holistically). Acording to Ben Sira, it is a fundamental evil if they are split. This corresponds to his view of the theology of creation as a theory that implies the unity of contrasting entities in the world. At the same time, Ben Sira introduces the typically theological term יצר. The analysis of this term within the Hebrew verson of Ben Sira (Sir 15:14 in MS A and once in the medieval paraphrase of the book) in addition to the leanword ܝܨܪܐ in the Syriac translation (Sir 17:31, 21:11; 27:5-6) leads to a clear underständig of the term. It refers to the vital human conditions of dispolition, personality, cheracteristic traits and nature. The creator (yoṣer) molds (yaṣar) the disposition of the human being (i). According to Ben Sira, man remains constantly turning back to his creator: “the day will turn to night, if there is no sun” (Sir 17:31). The term yeṣer is never split within the book of Ben Sira.

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